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Day 69 – Bali (Day 6)

Posted from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Today, as planned, we got up and had a big brekky and then hailed a taxi for Kuta.

We’d seen a few factory outlets and wholesale places on our travels that, from the outside, were offering good deals.

Strike One.  Once we got there and had a bit of a look around we found that the prices weren’t really much better.  The factory shops in Kuta have even more expensive prices than at home and these bargain outlets weren’t really any cheaper.

Strike two, Kel couldn’t find much she liked.  In fact, “downright ugly” was what she thought of most of it.  Just not what she was hoping for… She got a few items, but not the fangs bared shopping frenzy she was expecting.

Strike Three, this shopping caper is hot work and there’s not an eatery to be found anywhere nearby.  We’re outta there !!!

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Day 67 – Bali (Day 4)

Posted from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Up bright and early today as we’d planned to spend the whole day in Kuta at Waterbom Park.

A quick brekky and short cab ride soon had us at the front gates of the park at about 9:30.

Hardly anybody else there at that time so we all headed over to the big slides first.  The Boomerang, The Superbowl and The Climax.

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