Blakes powerlifting meet at Peninsula Barbell

Blakes first powerlifting meet. He was a bit nervous as they had a good crowd there.

We were a bit late to the party and missed his 215kg squat, which was the biggest on the day.

He got a PB on his bench press at 130kg
and also got a 235kg on the deadlift

All up a 580kg total which was equal highest on the day.

He’s a very happy boy!

New beginnings

The van has been sold and is now off on some new adventures.

So, what’s next for us? No idea …

A few road trips and ‘cabin’ and ‘tent’ holidays for a while I guess.


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Go Blakey!

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Deadlift 170×5!

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Lakes Entrance

Looking out to sea from directly above the van.

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RV Magazine

Posted from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A quick hi to all those who found this blog via RV magazine!


If you like travel blogs of the around Australia variety then you can find a few here in the links at the bottom of each page.

If you find any others, or make one of your own, then let me know and I’ll feature it here.

This one had the first actual trip entry from 9 July 2011, with a few entries before that with preparation.

We’re members of the Jayco Nomads and the club blog is hiding here too …

If you like you can often find me online via Skype to the right if you’d like more info on any of the places we went.


Day 110 – Home !

Posted from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

And … we’re baaaaccckkk!

The drive wasn’t too bad really.  A bit rainy through the twistery, hilliness that exists up until Nowa Nowa, but after that the sun came out a bit and the wind died down.

We made good time and were at Bruthen for lunch and home by 4:30pm.  The kids initially thought that we were free camping tonight … and I guess we kind of are 😉  But they twigged around Sale that the destination was the big HOME for tonight and they were pretty excited.  We finally managed to finish listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy audio book that we’d been listening to, one chapter at a time each day.  Around Pakenham they still had no idea where we were and thought that it would be ‘hours’ before we were home and thus happily got stuck into the last movie.

It wasn’t until we were going through Baxter that Hannah said “Hey!, I recognize this place!” … and the jig was up!

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Day 109 – Pambula (Day 2)

Posted from Pambula Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

The park at Pambula is a great one.  Plenty for the kids to do, especially over summer, as it’s right on the beach.  Unfortunately, today it isn’t summer and it’s frightfully cold and rainy.  We’ve even had to unpack our winter woolies that have been travelling Australia on the roof of the car.  The van heater even got a shock as it was asked to do something for the first time in about 3 months.

I’d planned on going for a morning walk either up Mt. Imlay or one of the many great parks around the area, but the weather soon put an end to that idea!  I braved it long enough to grab a geocache or two, but my mind was sitting in a cozy pub around a nice hot fire …

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