Starting from (A) Big Horse Creek Campground in Timber Creek.
Leg 30:1 September – 294km in 3:43 to (B) Red Gum Tourist Park in Katherine for 2 nights.
Leg 31:3 September – 302km in 3:51 to (C) Kakadu Lodge and Caravan Park in Jabiru for 3 nights.
Leg 32:6 September – 238km in 3:05 to (D) Freespirit Resort Darwin in Darwin for 3 nights.
Leg 33:9 September – 414km in 5:21 to (E) Mataranka Homestead in Mataranka for an overnight stop.
Leg 34:10 September – 173km in 2:17 to (F) in Daly Waters for a detour.
Leg 34:10 September – 297km in 3:46 to (G) 91 – Banka Banka Station in Banka Banka Station for an overnight stop.
Leg 35:11 September – 101km in 1:17 to (H) Tennant Creek Caravan Park in Tennant Creek for a detour.
Leg 35:11 September – 106km in 1:26 to (I) 24 – Devils Marbles Campground in Wycliffe Well for an overnight stop.
Leg 36:12 September – 28km in 0:25 to (J) in Wycliffe Well for a detour.
Leg 36:12 September – 459km in 6:40 to (K) 4 – Wonarah Bore in Wonarah Bore for an overnight stop.
Leg 37:13 September – 466km in 5:51 to (L) Ghost Town in Mary Kathleen for an overnight stop.
Leg 38:14 September – 64km in 0:45 to (M) in Cloncurry for a detour.
Leg 38:14 September – 384km in 6:26 to (N) Normanton Tourist Park in Normanton for an overnight stop.
Leg 39:15 September – 396km in 6:39 to (O) 238 – Planet Earth Adventures in Mount Surprise for an overnight stop.

We’ll probably have a few different campsites in Kakadu.
A bit unsure whether we’ll stop at Banka Banka or not, there’s a few stops along the road.
At (I) the plan is to stop at Devils marbles overnight to capture a sunset and sunrise and drop into Wycliffe Well overnight to do some UFO spotting. It’s Australia’s answer to Area 51, so gotta give it a go…

372km averages, but theres a few long stretches.

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