Continuing on from (A) Albany…
Leg 10:24 July – 100km in 1:28 to (B) visit in Valley of the Giants for a detour.
Leg 10:24 July – 142km in 1:58 to (C) in Gloucester Tree for a detour.
Leg 10:24 July – 98km in 1:31 to (D) Cambray Siding in Cambray for an overnight stop.
Leg 11:25 July – 49km in 0:41 to (E) Mandalay Holiday Resort in Busselton for 3 nights.
Leg 12:28 July – 235km in 2:56 to (F) Karinyup Waters Resort in Perth for 3 nights.
Leg 13:31 July – 428km in 5:37 to (G) Sunset Beach Holiday Resort in Geraldton for an overnight stop.
Leg 14:1 August – 160km in 2:39 to (H) Murchison Caravan Park in Kalbarri for an overnight stop.
Leg 15:2 August – 399km in 6:55 to (I) Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort in Monkey Mia for 2 nights.
Leg 16:4 August – 348km in 5:40 to (J) Big 4 Plantation Caravan Park in Carnarvon for 2 nights.
Leg 17:6 August – 237km in 3:49 to (K) Peoples Park Caravan Village in Coral Bay for 3 nights.
Leg 18:9 August – 152km in 4:24 to (L) Exmouth Cape Holiday Park in Exmouth for 3 nights.
Leg 19:12 August – 567km in 8:26 to (M) Tom Price Tourist Park in Tom Price for 2 nights.

That’s 10 driving days with the van over 21 actual days. So trying to get into a rhythm of a day towng followed by a day not.
An average of 290km on the towing days. The longest is 567 from Exmouth to Tom Price but there’s not much choice there. The Nav software reckons 14:40 to do that section … about 45km/h. I must be missing something … it’s bitumen all, well almost all, the way. I think closer to 6 hours. If it’s truly that much of a haul then we’ll split it up with a free camp.

I’ve put in the destinations as being Caravan Parks in a lot of cases, but in reality there will be quite a few free camp nights. I did want to pick out which parks we’d stay in in advance though so that if we decide that we needed a night in a park we’d have a first choice already queued up.

Also, the days in each location are the bare minimum allowed. Once the entire itinerary is up then I’ll know how many spare days I’ve got, or how many days I need to scavenge.

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