Starting from (A) Frankston, Victoria on 9 July 2011.
Leg 1:9 July – 476km in 6:07 to (B) Limestone Coast Tourist Park in Mount Gambier for an overnight stop.
Leg 2:10 July – 132km in 2:02 to (C) have a look in Robe for a detour.
Leg 2:10 July – 343km in 4:32 to (D) Big 4 Adelaide Shores in Adelaide, West Beach for 3 nights.
Leg 3:13 July – 317km in 4:12 to (E) Port Augusta Big 4 Holiday Park in Port Augusta for an overnight stop.
Leg 4:14 July – 342km in 4:28 to (F) Port Lincoln Tourist Park, Hindmarsh St in Port Lincoln for 2 nights.
Leg 5:16 July – 405km in 5:16 to (G) Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park in Ceduna for an overnight stop.
Leg 6:17 July – 498km in 6:21 to (H) Eucla Caravan Park in Eucla for an overnight stop.
Leg 7:18 July – 579km in 7:27 to (I) Newman Rock in Balladonia for an overnight stop.
Leg 8:19 July – 345km in 4:31 to (J) Seafront Caravan Park in Esperance for 3 nights.
Leg 9:22 July – 477km in 6:08 to (K) Big 4 Albany Gardens Holiday Park in Albany for 2 nights.

That’s 9 driving days with the van (totalling 3914kms over 51:04) and a further 2 longer distance touring days (Barossa Valley and Cape Legrand/Arid) over 15 actual days, since we move again on the 24th, so a bit more hectic than I’d like.
This is partly due to wanting to skip a lot of SA as we figure we’ll be back again since it’s not too far away for the annual holidays. Also partly due to crossing the Nullabor … not much reason to spend nights on the road there unnecessarily.

Towing days average 434km’s and 5:40 so not too stressful. We’re planning to be early risers most days (for us). So if we can get up around 7am and be gone by 8-9am, then we should be arriving around 2pm-4pm to most camps including fuel/lunch/sightseeing stops.
The longest distance is 579km in from Eucla to Balladonia but there’s not much to distract along that segment so should be do-able without any fuss.

We’ll slow down a bit now as we want to take our time on the WA coast and NT as the primary focus of the trip.

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