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Day 93 – Carmila Beach

Posted from Carmila, Queensland, Australia.

Well … today started out full of promise …

Up with the sun, as per usual.

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Day 92 – Macona Inlet

Posted from Hook Island, Queensland, Australia.

Waking up in Chance Bay to a fine, crisp morning soon had us rearing to go.  Brekky was toasted sandwiches, which filled us all up nicely.

The walk from Chance Bay to Whitehaven Beach was about 3.6km each way, but didn’t feel that long.  We had it done in under an hour.


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Day 90 – Nara Inlet

Posted from Queensland, Australia.

After an uneventful night on the boat we woke with the sun.  Lack of curtains will do that …

Hannah's view from the pillow this morning

Around 8am we had Bob and his faithful dog Barnaby rock up to show us the ropes.

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Day 89 – Airlie Beach

Posted from Queensland, Australia.

Up at the leisurely time of 9am, we had bacon and egg sangas for breakfast.  It was then time to have a look around Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour.  It didn’t take much driving before we realised that we absolutely hated the place 😉

2 harbours, lovely houses, tons of useful shops, great atmosphere all round really.  Pity it’s so far from home.

Shame we’ve got to leave it tomorrow …

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