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Day 22 – Perth

Posted from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Today we went to the Fremantle Maritime Museum and had a good look around there.

They’ve got plenty to see including the Australia II and a retired Ovens class submarine.

Now that’s what I call a winged keel !

The submarine tour is the highlight of the day as they take you through all areas of it explaining it all as you go.

After the submarine tour the weather turned nasty again.  So far, everywhere we’ve been has had far more changeable weather than Melbourne … and we’re famous for it.  Perth has been the most changeable so far.  There’s been intense tropical storms followed by sunshine … luckily the sunshine parts have coincided mostly with the activities we’ve wanted to do.  Our luck was about to run out though.

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Day 21 – Perth

Posted from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

The rain continued overnight but it wasn’t as intense as Busselton.  I was up at 6:30 to go and take the car for its tuneup.  The workshop ended up having two faulty units … which turned out to be a bad batch.  They were able to put in a demo model though and I agreed to come back later to get the proper module.

I had an appointment in the city for 11am, so I went back to get the family to have a look around.  The kids were just waking up when I got back … the lazy sleeperinnerers.

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Day 20 – Perth

Posted from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Our last night in Busselton was a bit eventful. There was thunder, there was lightning, maybe even a little bit of frightening, there was lots of wind and even more rain. I thought Noah was gonna knock on the door in search of a pair of feral children for the ark … but alas no.

It was still raining on pack up and blowing a gale. The piccy below of the ‘lake’, including resident ducks, is actually a piccy of the sports field. A huge amount of rain was dumped on poor Busselton and I expect that there’s still plenty heading Melbourne’s way in a few days.

The only casualty that we had due to the weather is wet mattresses.  Not sopping wet, but wet enough that they need to be dried right out when we’ve got the chance.

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