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Day 28 – Coral Bay

Posted from Coral Bay, Western Australia, Australia.

We woke up at 8am, such was the sleep. We’d planned on staying here another day since we weren’t booked in anywhere else, but upon looking out at the water we started pondering another location. Where had the water gone? I grabbed the GPS and went for a walk … from the high tide mark to where the water currently was, was 550m … and it was still receding at a rapid rate, crabs and octopusses scrambling to keep up with it.


There’s a caravan on the shore way back there somewhere


After my kilometre round trip I grabbed the free camps book and found slim pickings between us and Coral Bay. There were a few roadside stops and also Warroorra Station. The decision made, we did a late packup and got underway.

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Day 27 – New Beach

Posted from Inggarda, Western Australia, Australia.

We reluctantly left Monkey Mia this morning.  There wasn’t much more to do particularly, but we were kinda in need of doing absolutely nothing. It’s been go go go so far, after all.

Driving all the way back South to rejoin the main highway only to drive North again just as far … and further is a bit disheartening.  At least at the highway intersection there is a roadhouse.  There you are tempted by the prospect of a morning coffee, since Monkey Mia is on bore water … a morning coffee is something to only dream of.

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