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Day 74 – Somewhere near Banka Banka station

Posted from Pamayu, Northern Territory, Australia.

The day started out early with a quick packup of the van.  We had to have our first stop of the day and be back at the camp by 9:30.

Mataranka Hot Springs was that first stop and it was smelly one.  The area is very beautiful, but is also populated by oodles of flying foxes … hence the smell.

The area is also the site of the replica of the Elsey Homestead used for the movie ‘We of the Never Never’, that was based on the experiences of Jeannie Gunn in the early 1900’s.

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Day 73 – Mataranka

Posted from Mataranka, Northern Territory, Australia.

So great to be on the road again!  Being back in the van and also back touring feels almost like being home.  We’re all getting very used to this travelling the countryside gig.

A couple of little errands before we left Darwin.  I finally managed to find another porta potti.  I also picked up a fridge fan to give the fridge a helping hand.  Since arriving back in Darwin the van fridge has rarely been below 10 degrees.  As I write this, its 18 🙁  The fridge is working as hard as it can, but it relies on airflow to cool it down and there is just no breeze, or its coming from the wrong way.  A fan will help provide that breeze when its needed.

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