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Day 56 – Katherine

Posted from Cossack, Northern Territory, Australia.

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Our day started in hot Katherine, bright and early. We had a big brekky and got stuck into the day.

First stop was the Katherine School of the Air.  NT schools get started at 9:00 and that’s when the first tour got underway.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos due to student privacy rules.

The school is run just like any other, really!  They get the same funding from the government as any other school, its what they do with it that makes the difference.

These days the 250 students, across the NT (and beyond), are hooked up by satellite.  This allows the teachers and students to utilize a 2 way video phone style hookup.  All the students can hear and see the teachers, via a few cameras, and also see and hear the focus student as well.  They do all the sorts of subjects that you’d expect and a few that are a bit tricky, like choir.

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Day 55 – Katherine

Posted from Cossack, Northern Territory, Australia.

One Thousand Six Hundred and Forty Three … Yep, that’s right 1643 I tell you !!!

We woke this morning at 5:30 … had a luxurious sleep in until 6 and then were on the road at 7:45.  Last day in WA and we never really adjusted to the time change.

Crossing over the border into the Northern Territory we had most of the car clocks change over time automatically, which caused a little confusion.  The GPS was telling us we’d be at Timber Creek at 12:00 and it was about 100 km away and only 9am on the car clock.  The brain took a little while to ‘go click’ and figure it all out.

Bye bye WA :(, Hello NT !!!!

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