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Day 59 – Darwin

Posted from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

We decided overnight that we’d move again today, gypsy style, not really sure where we’d end up.  Pack up and brekky was completed without fuss and we were outta Cooinda by 8am.

First port of call was a 1.6km walk up the side of a mountain to get to Mirrai Lookout.  This wasn’t far from Cooinda and as it was early in the morning I figured that we’d get away without taking anything but ourselves.  Wrong.  Water was already going to be a necessity and at the halfway mark everybody was struggling.

We all made it to the top though.  Although I think I may have nearly killed them all dragging them up here.

Poor tired souls

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Day 58 – Kakadu (Day 2)

Posted from Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia.

Happy Fathers Day … from Kakadu.

We survived the night, despite the efforts of the land and the residents.  We had some visitors to the campground in the wee hours that let off a few fireworks and then buggered off.  Nothing too serious, but its a bit far off the beaten track to be disturbed by twits…

Socks and Jocks day was to be something a bit different this year.  The kids had been a little bit limited in their opportunities for purchases, but managed to sneak off and get a couple of things.  They got me a fly net (for the hat) … I think Kellie really wants to use that.  They also got me a pack of logic puzzles … I think Hannah really wants to play with those.  I may swap her for her Nintendo.

After brekky in bed, of bacon and eggs cooked by the kids, we packed up to move a bit deeper into Kakadu.  The heat here is taking its toll.  It saps the life out of you and everything is ‘just too hard’.  In that spirit, we sought somewhere that we could setup for 2 nights and do day trips from.

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Day 57 – Kakadu

Posted from Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia.

Today we got up bright and early … well early for NT time.

We’ve swapped from 6am starts to 7:30am starts.

Not too far to go … but we’re not too sure where we’ll end up. I’d researched WA plenty, but not so much for NT.

Kakadu should occupy us for about 3 days, but where we were camping and what we were going to do was a bit of a mystery.

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