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Day 47 – Doon Doon Roadhouse

Posted from Durack, Western Australia, Australia.

Slightly surprised to have survived the night … up before the sun was I, trying to catch the sunrise.  It was freezing cold here this morning … maybe 20 degrees or so.  Cold enough to contemplate a windcheater to go with the shorts anyway.

Climbing the crater wall in twilight was pretty cool … and just in time to catch the sunrise.  There’s a lot of smoke in the area due to a few bushfires and that made for an exceptionally red, hazy sunrise.

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Day 46 – Wolfe Creek Crater

Posted from Sturt Creek, Western Australia, Australia.

We didn’t have too far to go today, but the headwind and slight incline made the fuel economy shocking.  By the time we reached the Tanami track turnoff we’d used 60L of diesel in a touch under 300km.  Not good.  We decided to continue in to Halls Creek to refuel before tackling the track.  It was 18km each way, out of our way, but cheap peace of mind.

Back to the track and I let down the tyre pressures and removed the weight distribution system for the van.  Plugged as many holes as we could, jammed as many rattly things into places as tightly as we could .. and hoped for the best.

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