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Day 92 – Macona Inlet

Posted from Hook Island, Queensland, Australia.

Waking up in Chance Bay to a fine, crisp morning soon had us rearing to go.  Brekky was toasted sandwiches, which filled us all up nicely.

The walk from Chance Bay to Whitehaven Beach was about 3.6km each way, but didn’t feel that long.  We had it done in under an hour.


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Day 91 – Chance Bay

Posted from Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia.

After a very quiet night, we again woke with the sun.  Well, Hannah woke with the sun.  All the rest of us woke via Hannah.

By 6am some of our neighbours had already left and we thought that we should too.  So after a quick brekky of raisin toast we hauled anchor and headed up towards Hayman Island.

Not long after rounding the point and heading North, the weather (and 3 seasick crew) made the decision to head South for Whitehaven beach an easy one.  There were 2M seas and they were coming across the bow, so she was rocking side to side.  Altogether unpleasant.

Along the way we made a short stop in Cid Harbour.  The seas in that direction were the same height but it was fore/aft and easier to tolerate.  There was a beach there that I dropped Kel & Hannah off at, to have a taste of dry land.  Blake and I rambled off to find a geocache on a small rock island nearby (coincidentally 🙂 ).  Also my first terrain 5 cache and it was well worthy of that.

This geocache was a bit of a tough ask really.  The cache was right on the top of the island and it was completely overgrown.  Even though the island is only about 75m across it took ages to scramble to the top.

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