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Day 20 – Perth

Posted from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Our last night in Busselton was a bit eventful. There was thunder, there was lightning, maybe even a little bit of frightening, there was lots of wind and even more rain. I thought Noah was gonna knock on the door in search of a pair of feral children for the ark … but alas no.

It was still raining on pack up and blowing a gale. The piccy below of the ‘lake’, including resident ducks, is actually a piccy of the sports field. A huge amount of rain was dumped on poor Busselton and I expect that there’s still plenty heading Melbourne’s way in a few days.

The only casualty that we had due to the weather is wet mattresses.  Not sopping wet, but wet enough that they need to be dried right out when we’ve got the chance.

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Day 19 – Gnomesville, Donnybrook, Busselton

Posted from Busselton, Western Australia, Australia.

Another touristy day today.  The rain bucketed down all night and was still going strong when we left this morning.  A couple of short stops in town and by the time we were on the main highway the rain had eased and we even had peeks of blue sky.

Our first stop was Gnomesville.  I’m pleased to report that the mystery has been solved.  The place that all stolen and orphan gnomes go must be gnomesville.  The place is chock full of them!

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Day 18 – Cape Naturaliste, Cape Leeuwin, Margaret River

Posted from Busselton, Western Australia, Australia.

Big touristy day today with lots of stops.

First up was the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.  This was built in 1903 and is still functional today … there’s been the odd change through the years, as you’d expect.

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Day 17 – Busselton

Posted from Busselton, Western Australia, Australia.

Only a 60km drive today at the end of which, Kylie (the GPS), steered us completely the wrong way for the first time this trip.  Dunno what the ol’ girl was thinkin’ but she took us completely to the wrong end of town to a lovely patch of green grass in the middle of nowhere.

A bit of a reprogram saw us at our destination around 10:30 amid pouring rain.  This park has some fantastic facilities and prices to match.  We’re here for 3 nights as our base for the Margaret River region.

Plenty to see given that there’s Cape Leuwin, Cape Naturaliste … all those wineries, etc to soak up.  The kids overheated when they heard there was a heated indoor pool, but we left them cooking for awhile and headed in to town after dropping the van.

We needed to visit a few stores in the hope of tracking down a replacement rear view screen.  No luck in that endeavor.  We got some piccies printed at Harvey Norman for the kids diaries and scrapbooks.

Grabbed a few bakery items for lunch and headed back to setup the van.  The kids vanished in the pools direction and we braved the torrential rain to discuss some trip plans under a noisy tin roof with them.  The pool was either quite warm or our kids are eskimos as they were in the pool until the laptop batteries ran out.

Fajitas for dinner whilst we caught up with a few people, as the digital connections were all at full signal.

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