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RV Magazine

Posted from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A quick hi to all those who found this blog via RV magazine!


If you like travel blogs of the around Australia variety then you can find a few here in the links at the bottom of each page.

If you find any others, or make one of your own, then let me know and I’ll feature it here.

This one had the first actual trip entry from 9 July 2011, with a few entries before that with preparation.

We’re members of the Jayco Nomads and the club blog is hiding here too …

If you like you can often find me online via Skype to the right if you’d like more info on any of the places we went.


Most Annoyed!

Well it had to happen eventually.

Things we’re going way too smoothly with the trip preparation.

Today I discovered the first snag … and it’s a big snag too. Apocalyptic even ….

Boom !

Now you may scoff … but this is serious business!

This news post explains it better than I … but basically Judgement Day is May 21st at 6pm … and the end of the world via Zombie Invasion is in October! Hardly the sort of holiday I had planned.

Apparently only 3% of us will be ‘saved’ by the Rapture on Saturday … the rest of us get to hang around until October.

Now being judgement day I initially figured that perhaps it had something to do with Microsoft acquiring Skype a couple of weeks back … thus paving the way for Sky.Net, which as all Terminator fans would know is just not a good thing to tinker with!

It’s just asking for trouble, really …

Funny … Ha … bloody Ha! Right?


Well the Centre for Disease Control is taking the threat of Zombie Invasion seriously … you’d better get your Zombie Invasion Preparedness Kit sorted out pretty quick … I’m tippin’ that there will be a rush on Anaconda tomorrow for Zombie beheading tools.

Here’s a hint … arm yourself with something more potent than the Cat5 o’ Nine Tails.

Myself? Well … it’s not like ya can do much about it now really, is it?

So I reckon it’s a perfect excuse to crack open that expensive bottle of Red that you’ve been saving for a special occasion (that never comes) … or that 30yo scotch … or actually the 25yo blonde down the street for that matter …

You’ve only got tonight to enjoy it. Tomorrow will be too late … as Captain Obvious would say …

“Best do it now then!”

Thank God it’s Friday !!!!


Took the plunge the other day and actually booked both the long service leave and also the annual leave to go along with it. Today it was all approved!
That makes the countdown clock in the sidebar accurate. First day of the trip is 9/7/2011. Guess I better get on and finish planning out the remainder of the days then!