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Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day!

Or not … all I got for Valentines day was to start a new diet.  No more Tim Tam lovin’ for me 🙁

Banana, Pear and Yoghurt for breakfast.  Some kiwi fruit for a snack.  Salad wrap for lunch and 2 lamb cutlets for dinner.

Going to continue for 3 weeks like this apparently.

Got out at lunchtime for a 3.5km walk around the block.  It was toasty out there!  Still managed to do an average of 5.2km/h.  This is much improved over my first efforts a year or so ago of 4km/h.

Carrum to the Hotel

Posted from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Well it was a lovely sunny day Sunday, so after getting a bit of business out of the way in the morning, the opportunity of getting a bike ride in was just too irresistible.

First run of the season, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that all the bikes needed a bit of maintenance. Luckily none of them needed much that duct tape and a hammer wouldn’t fix.

Everybody was keen, even Poppie. As soon as she saw the bikes come out, she was ready and rockin’.

All up it was 17km’s, all on very good track. It’s mostly flat, or at least feels flat nearly all the way. Plenty of other people and dogs for Poppie to guard us from so she was very happy. She managed to run for the first 3km’s at a brisk pace, but soon let me know that she’d had enough. So, I bundled her into the backpack and she spent most of the rest of the trip with her paws on my shoulder ‘parrot style’. This naturally gets a few odd looks 😉

Stopped for a bit of a break just before the halfway mark.  Poppie had a huge drink and flaked in the shade and we all had a little snack before continuing on.  made Poppie run the last 800m.

At the halfway mark there was a geocache to find and Hannah found a bit more than she bargained for.  There, sitting in the long grass, not far from the cache, was $10.  That brightened her day considerably!  She probably wouldn’t have noticed it if she wasn’t so intent on finding a snake.

Hannah turned out to be the weakest link, requiring frequent stops, and rapidly ran us all out of water. She wasn’t too happy when I explained that many hikes we’ll be doing next year will require her to walk this far. Plenty of time to get her fitness up though.

The biggest complaints were sore bums … so we’re well out of practice. No sore bones the next day though, so no damage done, and reason to up the ante next time.

[gmap file=”__UPLOAD__/2010/09/27SEP10BIKE1.gpx”]


Total distance: 16.99 km
Max elevation: 18 m
Min elevation: -13 m
Total Time: 02:21:28

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Greens Bush

Posted from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I’ve been itching to get back into hiking again after the winter has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat. This morning I had an opportunity since I woke up early anyway. The weather was fine, but cold … too cold … it’s not quite spring yet.

Nonetheless, first walk of the season out of the way.

This also gives me a chance to try out the maps functionality and see how that works.

For the round Australia trip, I hope to do a map like this for each day and put some of the days photos on there too.

[gmap file=”__UPLOAD__/2010/09/Greens1.gpx”]