Posted from Sutton, New South Wales, Australia.

Another driving day today.  Quite a workout for the vehicle it was too.  Up hill and down dale all day.

We’ve climbed up as high as 800m today and been up/down a few 200m hills too.  Plenty of winding roads to keep me on my toes.

We finally got to cross Sea Cliff Bridge.  I’ve been wanting to do that for years. You know … build a bridge … get over it.

Continuing on around the coast, we also had to climb up the super steep Bulli Pass.  All the ups and downs had the brakes being a bit spongy, but just as they were getting to be a concern we hit a straight flat bit for awhile.  Likewise for all the hills, the turbo was certainly pulling its weight.  The chip-it was certainly proving its worth today too.

Getting thru Sydney was a fuss free exercise for a change.  No wrong turns or excessive idiots.  They must’ve all still been asleep because we all know that most of them live in Sydney.

The typical twits that simply must get past the slow caravan at any cost were a feature once we hit the main road.  These same twits also often couldn’t manage 100 in a 110 zone and were soon passed at the next overtaking lane.

Yes … the chip-it really is that good.  Where the Prado was quite happy at 90kmh before the upgrade its now very happy at 100 and squirts to 120 with the van in tow if needed.  Makes towing much safer.  I haven’t done the math yet, but I’m sure its more fuel efficient too.  A couple more tanks and I’ll have some numbers to prove it. AFTER TRIP NOTE: As of 2015 I’d not recommend any after-market gadgets that interfere with the engine. The chip-it turned out to be a very expensive exercise over the long haul. Engine didn’t make it to 4 years old.

5 more nights on the road and we’re a bit torn as to what to do with them.  A few things we could do, but we’ll need to sleep on it and see what the weather holds for us too.

Also grabbed my first geocache from the ACT today, which was conveniently located at the info centre.

[gmap file=”__UPLOAD__/2011/10/2011-10-22.gpx”]