Posted from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

Today we had the Pet Porpoise Pool planned and the kids had a special surprise in store there.

The Pet Porpoise Pool is easily the best animal interaction experience that we’ve found in Australia.  Within about a minute of walking through the front door the kids sealed a kiss.

Followed up by a kiss from a dolphin.

Since we managed to miss it at Sea World, we got our fill of flying dolphins here.

The show is easily as spectacular as that offered up North and is far more intimate.  Today there were only about 80 people watching the show and about 10 of those got to participate.  Nearly all the kids got splashed by a dolphin tail or got to feed a dolphin or in Hannah’s case got to play ball with Sindy the seal.

Everybody there got a chance to pat a dolphin.  Everybody!  Simply an infinitely more personal experience than anywhere else.  At Monkey Mia you may be lucky enough to be one of the few that can feed a wild dolphin, at Sea World it is much the same.  They do have extra experiences on offer but they just aren’t as rich as what is on offer here.

Everybody also had the chance to feed some fish, turtles and penguins.  The staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly.  With so few people around, you get plenty of time to see and learn plenty.

To cap it all off, Blake & Hannah got to jump in the pool with a dolphin named Calamity and have a real unique experience with one of the trainers.

They both got to feed a dolphin and also give her a hug.

… and some more kisses …

Some quick instruction in dolphin dentistry …

and a short introduction to dolphin dancing …

There was still some more to be done before the day was out.  Some things simply have to be done when in Coffs.

Managed to collar the kids in a photo.  The afternoon sugar rush was in full swing and I didn’t have any rope handy.

Then it was back to the park for some R&R for the afternoon.  Moving again tomorrow …