Posted from Tweed Heads South, New South Wales, Australia.

After yesterdays bout of rainyness, the Gold Coast turned on a ripper for us today … so we went to Seaworld.

We just couldn’t get our timing right today though and managed to arrive late to get off to a good start.

Missed the first dolphin show and the second one too.  With all the bustling around I managed to throw my back out.  We were definitely on a roll!!  The rollercoasters seemed to be perpetually either not going or being tested constantly. *sigh* … but we still got to see most everything and go on everything … eventually.

Looks a bit like a gaggle of Network Managers gathered around a coffee machine

This didn't end well

Plenty of goes on the renamed Sea Viper.  This used to be the corkscrew, but a coat of paint and a refurbish of the cars turned it into the Sea Viper!  Nothing really new about it except it’s no longer the smoothest rollercoaster.  Like much of Sea World it is showing its age.

Front seats again

… and the most thrilling ride of the day for young Kelstar was…

Moving again tomorrow … just as the Gold Coast was starting to feel like home.  You know the feeling?  We will soon too … not far from home now.  It’s a bit sad to be on the long driveway heading South now.  The temptation to just bullet it home is tugging at me.  However … I *will* be taking my time and following the coast as per the plan.