Posted from Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

No more sleeps to save us from the future.  The wait is over.

Tomorrow we ride!  Our trusty steed (the Prado) will drag our faithful chariot (the Expanda) off across the wide brown land in search of the best beaches, campsites, coldest beers and fiestiest Barramundi.

Tonight we had a round table (well square, but that’s enough nit-picking) discussion about the future.  There’s just so much happening while we’re gone……

The song of the day above, will be a regular feature.  Just click on the arrow play button and enjoy the tunes.  It’ll hopefully have some relevance to the news of the day.  Today’s song is to remind us all to de-stress and enjoy the day, every day.  Plan for the worst and hope for the best. It can always be worse … but equally can always be better … what do ya reckon ya should concentrate on and hope for?  The power of positive thought is a notion worth trying.

I mean, our ‘little big thing’ is just a holiday.  A thing that we’ve been looking forward to and actively planning for about 3 years, but still … just a holiday.  We’re very fortunate to be able to get all our ducks to line up and make it possible.  Whereas, a good proportion of our family and friends have truly big things going on in their lives.  Once in a lifetime events and challenges.  There’s new additions to the family.  Changes of houses, jobs and cars.  At least 2 new caravans for friends while we’re gone too – and they’re now planning their own big trips.  Countless holidays for others … some that just miss catching up with us on our lap (hint taken guys Winking smile).  As if to balance the good there’s more than enough health scares and misfortunes to go around too.   I’ll not mention them all here, in public, but know that we’re thinking of you all and are hungry for news of how you’re all going.

The Final Days

As I write this:

  • All my packages of gadgets and gizmos have arrived and been installed despite postal strikes and wrong orders.
  • The car got its 10k service today.
  • Work are probably still adding stuff to my in-tray.
  • All the initial food has been ordered and packed away.
  • All the kids entertainment has been sorted.
  • The kids are currently oblivious to what they’re about to be subjected to.  This will be the most active and intense time of their lives … thus far.  They truly have no concept … they think its a big playground tour.  This trip will mature them beyond their years and provide a level of education about our country impossible to gain any other way.
  • A few surprising exclusions and inclusions on the packing list.  The generator nearly didn’t make it on (it was hard to justify dragging it along considering which free camps it would actually be useful at … so now we’re stopping at more free camps!) 
  • Kel’s bikini is coming … although there’s virtually no spare space left for clothes, we managed to squeeze it in … useless that it may be.
  • Tool kit got a cleanout and some duplicates got removed and some combo tools got to replace individual ones. (A combo log splitter, hammer and bottle opener.  Now there’s a combo!)
  • Many parks, campsites and durations have changed since I updated the trip plan … So, I’ll update the trip plan shortly.
  • Kel is still struggling with what clothes to take.  A girls dilemma the world over …
  • … and the van still isn’t packed.  Mostly packed … but the door won’t shut yet.

But she’ll be right !!!
Mount Gambier or bust !!!